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​​The Haileybury Society is the official organisation for OH alumni and supports all Old Haileyburians (OHs) after they leave Haileybury. We are a registered charity and membership organisation; for our privacy policy, click here.  

Haileybury Society Privacy Policy

May 23rd 2018

The Haileybury Society - Data Privacy Notice
This is our Data Privacy Notice and Explicit Consent Statement which explains how your personal data is being processed.
The Haileybury Society (“We” or “The Society”) is the alumni association for those who studied, taught or were employed at Haileybury & Imperial College, United Service College and St. Mark’s School (collectively “the College”).

The Society is a separate charity from Haileybury. Our stated charitable purposes are to assist and promote educational objects in connection with the College, to form a bond between the College and the Society, and to develop and strengthen the spirit of service to the community. We fulfil this purpose by building a strong relationship with members of the Society through a rich and varied programme of events, newsletters and other activities, which may occasionally include fund raising.

During your lifetime membership of the Society we will collect and process personal data from you to enable you to be included in the Society’s activities and allow us to manage the Society in accordance with our purposes. We will use your information to contact you about events which we believe may be of interest. You have control of all the personal data that you supply to the Society and you are free to give as much or as little data as you wish.

We are committed to processing, protecting and respecting all personal data about you under professional codes of conduct, national laws and EU data protection legislation. To lawfully process your personal data under the GDPR, we ask you to read this data privacy notice so you can understand how we will process your personal data, and to then give us consent or withhold consent. If you withhold consent from us to process your personal data, we cannot process your personal data and will not include you in any of the Society’s activities.

In addition to any data we collect from you, we may obtain your personal data from websites and newspapers in the public domain, as well as from other Society members. To be clear we process the following information – your full name, date of birth, contact details that includes email address(es), postal address(es), telephone and mobile numbers. In addition, we process specific information with respect to your time as a pupil at or an employee of the College and your life afterwards – your House and dates of education or work at Haileybury and information on your career, sports, interests, honours and awards.

The personal data is stored securely on systems managed by us within in the EU. As a data controller we may use third party data processors to assist us in processing the data, they that are subject to the same professional codes of conduct, national laws and EU data protection legislation. Any third party data processors are under contract with the Society to ensure your data is protected.

Under data protection legislation you have the right to 1) request copies of your data, 2) request rectification of your data, 3) request erasure of your data, 4) object to us processing your data, 5) request us to restrict the processing and 6) where our systems allow, give electronic access or copies of your data in a digital format. If you wish to exercise these rights please contact the Society Secretary. If you are unhappy with the way in which we process your data you have a right to make a complaint to the Supervisory Authority which in the UK is the Information Commissioner's Office.

May 2018