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​​The Haileybury Society is the official organisation for OH alumni and supports all Old Haileyburians (OHs) after they leave Haileybury. We are a registered charity and membership organisation; for our privacy policy, click here.  


Haileybury Youth Trust (HYT) is a charity training young people in Uganda to build sustainable buildings using blocks made from compressed earth: a low-cost, carbon-saving alternative to the environmentally damaging fired brick. As well as preventing deforestation and drastically reducing CO2 emissions, the buildings are transforming communities, including sanitation facilities, affordable housing and new school buildings, whilst simultaneously being sympathetic to the surrounding landscape. HYT provides a hand-up, not a hand-out and the skills that the young people are learning are creating employment opportunities in one of the fastest growing populations in Africa.

HYT began life in 1890 in the East End of London, working with the poor of Stepney. British prime minister and former Haileybury pupil Clement Attlee was once the Trust’s manager. After a century of working in the East End, HYT relocated to Uganda in 2006. 

HYT & The Haileybury Society:

The Society supports the Trust's Assistant Country Manager in Uganda, a graduate OH, while HYT also welcomes former Haileybury pupils as volunteers as part of their gap year. This steady flow of enthusiastic, dedicated young OHs to Uganda, working alongside the excellent permanent HYT team, is testament to the commitment of Haileyburians' sense of service, in an appropriate, contemporary way.

Below left: Harry Hughes (Th 11) who was one of the volunteers in 2017. Below right: Talia Bartlett (Aby 13) and Dan Gaskell (LS & Th 09) who volunteered in 2016.

The Ashden Awards were established in 2001 and are globally recognised as a mark of excellence in the field of green energy. HYT was awarded a prestigious international Ashden Award in 2017. The Ashden Award will give HYT an international platform for extending its work throughout Uganda and possibly beyond.

The Ashden judging panel remarked that "the benefits of this scheme [HYT] go way beyond the environmental impact - reducing deforestation and curbing CO2 emissions through a low carbon building technique - and encompass health, training and employment opportunities, even access to education. HYT's model is a simple one but is scalable and robust".

HYT’s Director Russell Matcham said, "I am delighted that the hard work and dedication of so many in the Haileybury community has been recognised with this prestigious international award. It was an honour to join other winners from all over the world at the award ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society in June and to meet former US Vice President Al Gore who congratulated HYT on its work and achievement. HYT has grown and flourished in the last decade, with 140 buildings completed, 100 young Ugandans given skills and employment opportunities and 11 communities transformed by the Trust’s integrated approach to sustainable development., while the beautiful Ugandan environment has been preserved. While 40,000 Ugandans are currently benefiting from HYT’s work, none of HYT’s achievement would have been possible without the wonderful support from pupils, staff and many OHs. Young OHs continue to volunteer in Uganda, and the Trust’s assistant country manager is graduate Charlie Tebbutt who is on the Trust’s permanent staff."

HYT receiving the Ashden Award. L to R: Jane Sandars (Grosvenor Estates, the award sponsor), Mauricia Nambatya (HYT Country Manager), Charlie Tebbutt (K 08, Assistant Country Manager), Russell Matcham (Staff 2000-, former HM Kipling, Director HYT)