The Haileybury Society

The Haileybury Society is a separate charity to the school and is led by a team of volunteers, which is supported by two paid part-time employees.
  1. Officer
    Jane Everard (Nee Etherington) (L76 & Alb)
    Jane is the Society Secretary, Trustee & Member of the General Committee. email: Voluntary Role
  2. Officer
    Catherine MacLeod-Smith (Alb & L 79)
    Catherine is Chair of the Trustees and Member of the General Committee. email: Voluntary Role
  3. Officer
    Roland Gillot (A 61)
    Roland is the President of The Haileybury Society. email: Voluntary Role
  4. Officer
    Liz Drew
    Liz is the Society's Office Administrator... without her we would all be lost!! email: Part-time Employee
  5. Officer
    Lawrence Baker BA(Hons) (C 83)
    Lawrence is the Alumni Coordinator. email: Part-time Employee

Join The Haileybury Society

If you would like to become a part of The Haileybury Society and give a little back to our community please contact us on the link below and we will make time available for you to come and discuss a role.
Click here to join the General Committe