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The Haileybury Society exists to assist and promote educational objects in connection with Haileybury and to form a strong bond of union between the School and its former pupils. Integral to the achievement of this aim is the promotion and maintenance of contact between former pupils, and between them and the School. If you are keen to be involved in the Haileybury Society please contact us on or 01992 706348.



Please find below a booking form for the Reunion and Memorial Service to be held at The National Memorial Arboretum at Lichfield. As a consequence of much lower than expected support we have had to cancel the buffet lunch and hope that those attending will have lunch in the NMA restaurant. There is no admission charge but the NMA appreciates donations and there is a car parking charge. (

Reunion and Memorial Service Booking Form

Attendees: Lt Col Charles Bagot-Jewitt (Tr 78); Robin Bishop (General Secretary); Chris Briggs (Chaplain); Joe Davies (Master); Barnaby Dunn (C 47) & Margaret Dunn; Michael Evens (E 54); Ronald Feather (Th 47), Margaret Feather & Major and Mrs A R Humphrey; Cdr Robin Foster (C 37) & Rosemary Foster; Dr Peter Mayner (Th 52); John Palmer (E 62); Lt Col F Leigh Parkes (E 53); Capt. David Pentreath (Aby 46) & Judith Pentreath; Ian Powys (L 44)& Beryl Powys; Charles Stuart-Hunt (E 62); Major Nigel Walker (L 65); Paul Watkinson (Bursar); Gerald Wilson (M 62) & Fiona Wilson; Alan Withington (Tr 50); Roger Woodburn (Associate General Secretary); Major Tim Young (Th 55) & Julia Young;

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