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The Haileybury Society exists to assist and promote educational objects in connection with Haileybury and to form a strong bond of union between the School and its former pupils. Integral to the achievement of this aim is the promotion and maintenance of contact between former pupils, and between them and the School. If you are keen to be involved in the Haileybury Society please contact us on or 01992 706348.

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    It goes without saying that Old Haileyburians are always more than welcome to visit the School - it is after all your school. The Society is always keen to welcome our members so if you intend to visit Haileybury in the future please contact Liz Drew, giving her notice of your arrival so we can organise someone to show you around the School and talk about the many exciting developments. This also enables us to comply with important new guidelines around safety at the school which Haileybury takes very seriously

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  • So that’s what it was about…!

    Few Haileyburians will remember that 27 years ago photographer Mark Draisey was allowed unique access to photograph Quad, Dining Hall, Chapel and even inside Trevelyan for his recently released book, Thirty years on!

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    It is with great sadness we announce that Mathilde Krajewski passed away on 13 November at the grand age of 93.  She was a long serving member of staff at Haileybury especially working in KBM block and continued to live in College Road, Hertford Heath.  She was fondly known as ‘Mrs K’ and enjoyed regular visits from OHs, in particular from Germany.

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  • eMentoring

    Further to our invitation to all OHs to sign up for our eMentoring capability we are supporting its successful launch at the Careers Fair in March by recruiting more OH mentors to enable the Society and the School  to assist the career development of its young alumni.

    To date over 100 UVI students have already registered their interest in being helped by an OH mentor, whilst more than 40 OHs have volunteered as mentors. This is a fantastic start! Thank you to all those who have signed up

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  • Tom Billings (BF 04)

    We are delighted to report that Tom Billings (BF 04) won the US Amateur Rackets Singles on 23 March 2014 in Detroit. Congratulations to Tom on earning his first senior title.

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